Vegan Shepard's pie

Ciao, welcome back to my blog, today I am sharing with you an amazing vegan comfort food for the coldest months: Shepard's pie!

I am trying to reduce meat intake as much as possible lately, both for health and environmental issues, so I thought of showing you how to make a super tasty dish that is easy to make and healthier.

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Ingredients for two:

1 can of Kidney beans

1 can chopped tomatoes

3 red peppers

2 aubergines

4 medium potatoes

A clove of garlic

A red onion


Chilli flakes

2 tablespoons of oat milk (optional)

Extra virgin olive oil




Bring to boil a pot of water for the potatoes while cleaning and washing your vegetables.

Chop the peeled potatoes into cubes and when the water is hot, add them to the pot. Boil them until soft (it should take from 10 to 15 minutes max).

Chop the onion into cubes and do the same with the garlic.

In a medium pan set on high heat, drizzle some olive oil and add the chilli flakes, the onion, the paprika and the garlic to prepare a nice base.

In the meantime, cut the aubergines and the peppers into medium size slices or cubes (however you prefer) and add them to the pan with the kidney beans.

Stir well and add some salt.

Cover with a lid and let it cook for 8 minutes.

After, include the chopped tomatoes and some herbs: I had dried thyme and fresh parsley, which are perfect for this recipe.

It's time to warm the oven up 200 degrees on the grill.

While the vegetables are still cooking, drain the boiled potatoes and mash them with some olive oil and some paprika. If needed, you can also add some oat milk or some hot water from the pot to make it creamier.

When the sauce with the vegetables is ready, pop it in an oven tray or casserole and spread the potato mash on top with the help of a spoon.

Dragging gently with a fork, make the traditional ribs and add an extra sprinkle of paprika.

Put the tray in the oven on the top shelf at 200 degrees until golden.

Serve warm and enjoy!

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