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Wardrobe changeover

It's that time of the year again: I really needed to put the summery items back in the suitcases that I keep under the bed and take out the autumnal clothes.

Goodbye for now to my sandals, denim shorts, cotton dresses and linen blazers.

It's getting colder and the weather has been rainy lately so no more faffing. It had to be done.

If it was not for the frustrating lack of space I would be rather excited about it. I honestly don't mind rediscover my beloved sweaters and coats. Autumn is, after all, my second favourite season!

I am not going to post pictures of the absolute mess that the usual change over has caused to my already packed wardrobe. We currently live in one bedroom flat but we are on a hunt for a bigger one. Our flat came unfurnished and at the time (one year and a half ago) we didn't invest in a big wardrobe as we were scared that fixing it at the wall might have caused the fury of our landlord for making holes and therefore to loose our deposit. We settled for one of the cheap wooden+fabric ones that you can find on Amazon. "We will buy a nice and spacious chest of drawers later on" we said: that day never came.

This autumn I need to sort this out. Either we find a bigger flat, maybe already furnished, or we will buy the famous drawer.

Let's say the truth: I own too much knitwear. At the same time I want more.

I am always cold in here in London and in the winter months, cashmere is the warm hug that I need every morning when I get dressed to go to work. The thing is that I have now reached the point where I have completely take over and my boyfriend's stuff ( from which I regularly steal anyhow) is squeezed on one shelf and half of the rail while I have 4 shelves and half rail. I know, it's a nightmare.

Our underwear and lounge wear are currently folded in our bedside tables. I had to use a hook at the door to hang my coats for the time being but it will be temporary. My bags are inside a big black bag next to the wardrobe except the two that I use the most: my Oliver Bonas black bucket bag and my Micheal Kors tan cross body.

The shoes situation is a bit better: they currently fit in the wardrobe.

What I have kept from the summer purchases?

My basic T-shirts, 2 mini skirts, 2 midi skirts and a couple of dresses.

It's easy to layer them up with some cashmere an instead of sandals I will wear them with boots and trainers. I can still wear my midi skirts and dresses without tights, while the mini ones now unfortunately (I hate tights) requires a good 50 deniers.

Mt leather jackets never left the pole position on the rail: they are my go to outwear for every season. Paired with a thick scarf, they are the perfect solution to chilly mornings but warmer afternoons typical of the British autumn.

I still wear my trainers and I also kept a pair of black flats and my tan oxford shoes.

I am not a huge fan of blouses and shirts but I always keep a couple of silk ones in the eventuality of a smart occasion: they are the no brain solution paired with a skinny jean, a cashmere cardigan or a blazer + heels for a event or a dinner.

Jeans are of course the main staple in my wardrobe so they will be a must have especially for the autumn but I put back in the suitcase the only ripped pair I have got because I am not a fan of holes in my tights when the temperatures are below 20 degrees. I know, I am old!

I have now a pair of dark blue mom jeans, a pair of medium wash straight leg, a skinny medium wash, a white skinny, a skinny light grey pair, a skinny charcoal pair with the raw hem and a skinny black pair.

What I have added then?

Two coats, a lightweight long puffer coat, a couple of winter dresses, some long sleeve t-shirts and as I mentioned before, piles and piles of cashmere. I like to arrange them per colour if possible, and neatly folded. I tend to buy always the same colours: I have got mainly grey, navy, black and some burgundy, purple and neutrals such as cream or khaki bit I usually stay away from bright shades such as red, yellow, green and hot pink as I believe they doesn't suit my pale complexion. I don't wear many trousers apart from jeans, but I do have a couple of good tailored ones that I occasionally wear for work.

I also decided it was time for my over the knee grey suede boots to be back in my life again (but I kept them in their box), plus a couple of cashmere scarves and my black wool headband.

That's all for now. I will take out my heavy long puffer coat only when the temperatures will go below the 0, and I really hope that this winter will not see the snow.

But you never know...

What about you guys?

How do you organise your wardrobe change over?