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Wardrobe staples: how to wear the oxford shirt

Ciao, welcome back to my blog guys! I hope you are all well.

Today's post will be about one of my staple piece for Spring: the oxford shirt.

I wanted to know what is exactly and what is the difference between an oxford shirt and a normal one. Turns out it id the kind of fabric, which is the main reason why we love it so much.

The Oxford cloth tends to be thicker making it that bit more casual. It has nothing to do with the type of shirt. And, shock horror, the shirt wasn’t even made in Oxford. In fact, the Oxford shirt is so-called because it is constructed from a fabric using a unique basket weave, originating in Scotland during the 19thcentury. (From Burton website)

I am not usually a big fan of shirts, especially not in the winter as I found them rather cold, plus they need to be ironed and steamed, but lately I have forced my self on this rather tedious task because I really enjoy wearing them in the warmer weather.

Well, the oxford shirt is now more popular than ever. It is smart by nature but it can be dressed down easily, which is actually my favourite way of wearing it as I don't work in a conservative environment. It really elevates any kind of outfit and it is super versatile, which is crucial if you like me would like to down sizes your wardrobe to own less items of better quality. I am going to list some of the best options now on the market and how to style them.

In the pictures above I am wearing my rather old boyfriends shirts but I will link some alternatives for you. The main point of stealing his, is that it'll be oversized in all the right places (even if we have more or less the same build, his shoulders are definitely bigger than mine) and therefore it hung nice and flowing on me. My recommendation is to buy in the men's department if you are rather tall. The main reason is that a man body shape is different and and the shirt will be longer and less fitted on the shoulders compared to a bigger size in the woman range. The result will be effortlessly chic and it will just hung much better. Trust me, I have tried. Also you'll be spoilt with choices: they certainly have more shades of blue and shapes of collars available compared to the women's department.

On the other hand, for all the lovely petite girls out there, I would stick in the women's department but go up to 2 sizes in order to keep the proportion balanced and to avoid a frumpy look.



Burton light blue long sleeve Oxford shirt

Uniqlo Oxford shirt


Superdry oxford shirt

Gant pinpoint oxford shirt


A crisp blue shirt, fully buttoned of slightly opened, paired with dark trousers, either wide or straight leg, and with the addition of a blazer make this powerful look appropriate for work. yet stylish and comfortable.


Changing the accessories of the outfit will change the dress code: add a knitwear piece, a pair of jeans or a pair of shorts to dress it down while keeping the look polished. The best feature of this shirt is that looks good on everything for every occasion and goes with all the possible colours of the rainbow. So don't be afraid to experiment! From the minimalistic approach until the craziest streetwear look, it is the best friend for every woman.


My absolute favourite way of wearing a blue oxford shirt is casual. It is still incredibly chic compared to normal tops and tees. The ways of styling it are almost endless and every style has the power to change the whole mood of the look from masculine to super feminine. Right now, it can be worn with your leggings and joggers to relax around the house or to grab some food at the supermarket without looking sloppy.

Open buttons to a deep V neck, roll your sleeves up, tuck it in your shorts or jeans and you are ready for the weekend with a straw bag and summery sandals. Leave it completely opened and use it as a jacket wearing a vest or a t-shirt under. This is a cool tip if you are pregnant or if you want to hide your middle section.

For pin up Rosie the Riveter vibes, tie the shirt at the front to cinch in your waist and add a pop of colour with fun accessories and quirky jewellery.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post today, thank you so much for reading it!

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Have a lovely start of the week!