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What I eat in a day

Ciao a tutti, welcome back to my blog! Today's post will be about my diet throughout the year as many of you asked for it!

I am going to show what I usually eat in a day in every season to keep me healthy and fit in my 30s without too many sacrifices.

I don't believe in diets and fast ways of losing weight and I have always been more or less slim in my life thanks to what my mum taught me when I was a kid. She was a model back in the 80s and she knows a lot of tips and tricks on how to stay fit. Her only concern about our diet was and still is being healthy and as we all know, being overweight can potentially lead to physical and mental health issues.

The rules are simple:

  • Always start your day having breakfast

  • Drink a lot during the day, either water or tea or coffee but don't add sugar.

  • Drink a full glass of fresh water 30 minutes before having a meal

  • Don't drink your calories (no juices or fizzy drinks). It is ok to enjoy a little bit of wine once in a while but only while eating and definitely not everyday.

  • Have a big portion of veggies at every meal

  • Fruit is best eaten alone, not after your main meals as it will make your digestion very difficult.

  • Bread, pasta and rice won't make you fat in the right portions

  • Fast food is a big no, no!

  • Cook at home to control what you put in your plate and eat out maximum twice a month

  • Bring a big salad for your work lunch instead of buying food.

  • Have a vegetarian or even better, a vegan day a week

  • Sweets (such as cakes, biscuits and so on) are a treat to enjoy once in a while and they are by no means a meal.

  • Avoid salt and use spices and herbs instead to give flavour.

Disclaimer: this is not a diet, it is my lifestyle and it works for me but I am not a dietitian or an expert so this might not work for you. I am just sharing what I think are good eating habits but no judgment for those who don't follow them as everybody's free to do whatever they like and to disagree with me.


This is by far my favourite meal. I can't start my day without having something to eat and for sure not without coffee, otherwise I would be very grumpy and unproductive for hours. That's why intermittent fasting would be an impossible diet for me. I don't honestly know how my boyfriend can jump every morning out of bed like a slice of bread out of the toaster and go right to work without eating anything until lunch time.

90% of the time I'll have something healthy and sweet, which is an Italian tradition. In Italy our breakfast consists of cappuccino or coffee with pastries or cakes and I couldn't abandon this habit once in London.

I would usually opt for a beigel topped with a nut butter and banana or a slice of toast with fruit and honey. When I feel I need more energy (sometimes I literally wake up with my stomach growling!) I'd opt for a scone with butter and jam. Yum!

Weekends are the only exception to the rule: sometimes we treat ourselves with a savoury brunch, such as eggs and avocado but I will end up eating something sweet too normally.


At work, I would have an homemade salad or leftovers from the day before.

My colleagues don't even ask anymore what I am having for lunch when they see my big bowl coming out of the fridge. They are always curious to see how I built my salad though, as I never have the same.

At home, in my days off and whilst the lockdown, I would have carbs such as pasta, rice or couscous.


I prefer to have a light dinner in the evening and I don't like eating too late when I am not working so we usually have our meal around 19:00 - 19:30.

I would normally prepare a meal that contains lean proteins and vegetables.

I am trying to reduce my animal protein amount so lately I have been eating more pulses instead ( I am not really into tofu I am afraid, but I would have it from time to time).

Skinny chicken bites and spicy courgettes

As a general rule, I try not to have carbs more than twice a day, and I prefer to have them at breakfast and lunch so I have time to "burn" them during the day.

On working days I won't have a big meal during my lunch break to avoid to feel sleepy and lazy during the afternoon.

My food is mostly homemade and I very rarely buy pre-made food (unless I forget my lunch at home!) I also like clean recipes that don't have a massive list of ingredients as I find them hard to digest.

I usually workout three times a week (whatever I feel like doing) for 20-30 minutes.

If I had a workout and my meals have been light, I would indulge in some extra treats such as chips, popcorn or chocolate in the evening while watching a movie.

On the other hand, if I had abundant meals during the day, I would snack only with fruits or raw carrots.

I am not always so strict, so at weekends I usually eat a bit more and I spend time experimenting with richer and more complicated recipes.

My main current goal is to drink 1.5l of water per day and to have vegetables as often as possible. In terms of drinks, I always have coffee in the morning, green tea after lunch and herbal tea 2 hours before going to bed.

I don't drink much alcohol, only a glass of wine while I am eating and usually only a couple of times a week but I tend to drink more when I am on holiday, as I believe everybody else.

I am not a fan of excluding whole categories of foods and drinks from my diet, that's why I am not vegetarian or vegan, but am reducing my meat and fish intake to be more sustainable on the environment.

Season swaps:

I prefer to eat seasonal fruit and vegetables therefore my winter menu would be drastically different from my summer menu.

The rule about carbs I mentioned above will stay, so the ingredients I might use will change but the way I am eating won't.


Soups and stews

Stir frys

Pasta and risotto

Roasted meat and vegetables

Puff pastry tarts

I definitely cook more as I obviously prefer warm foods in the colder months and also we tend to eat less fish and to consume more meat and cheese.

I really enjoy stews and soups, which me and my boyfriend (who is actually a good chef) prepare weekly in a big pot in order to have them for several days. In the winter I also like to have porridge and sometimes bake a healthy cake or casserole such as this French toast casserole.


Salads of all kind including sometimes also pasta and rice

Grilled meat, fish and vegetables

Hummus and spreads with raw vegetables

In spring summer I eat much more raw fruits and vegetables. Salads of all kinds are welcome and due to the nice weather, we love to grill basically everything to feel the holiday vibe in the air. We tend to eat less carbs and sweets (except from ice-cream of course) when it's hot but on the other hand we consume more fish and fruits. My breakfast will always include coffee but when it's very hot I'd rather have something fresh such as a bowl of yogurt and fruits or an overnight oatmeal instead of scones or toast.


I am not able to stay a long without eating something.

I have tried intermittent fasting more than once but it just doesn't work for me as I will binge eat after that.

Snacking in the right way is not a bad habit in my opinion, as it helps me to curb my appetite and to eat less overall, if it makes sense.

The secret is to keep the quantity small, as a quick snack can easily become a full meal if not careful.

I just listen to my body: if I am hungry in between meals I would eat something healthy such as a small bowl of greek yogurt, some almonds with an apple or a banana with a teaspoon of nut butter but I always try to plan my snacks and I prefer them plant based.

When we have our movie night, I like to prepare homemade popcorns and a fruit salad but if I am in the mood for ice cream or sweets or maybe chips, I would just eat what I fancy without feeling guilty. Obviously, moderation is key: am not going to have a 3000 calories post dinner snack.

It is very important for me to set rules for that. For instance, I love crips, they are my downfall, but knowing my poor self control with them, I just allow to share with my boyfriend a full pack of my favourite ones on a Friday nights.

To know more about healthy snacks ideas check out one of my most read posts here!

Thank you so much for reading my post today, I hope you found it interesting and inspiring. If you liked it, please share it on your social media accounts and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter!

What are your rules for your everyday meals? Do you count your calories or just listen to what your body craves?

I would love to know what your eating habits are!