Velvety vegetables soup and king prawns

Ciao, welcome back to my blog!

I am back with a new recipe again, the icy temperatures of the past few days inspired me to try a new creamy soup.

Nothing beats a warm soup after a long day of work and it is a super healthy yet nutritious meal.

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"You should eat more soup: 5 reasons why"

Below I am going to show you step by step how to prepare a comforting, velvety vegetable soup with a delicate taste: I combined my favourite white/light coloured winter vegetables and opted for a blended soup.


-1 big leek

-Half of big organic celeriac (a whole one if it is small)

-3 potatoes

-2 light green courgettes

-1 white onion

-250g king prawns

-Vegetable stock (optional)

-A small bunch of fresh parsley



-Extra virgin olive oil

-Double cream (optional)

The fun part first!

-Start peeling the skin off the onion and the leek and then slice them thinly (the smaller you cut them, the more intense will be the taste and they will cook faster as well).

-Peel the potatoes and the celeriac while the courgettes don't usually need it.

- Chop the vegetables into cubes and set aside.

-Pour two generous spoons of olive oil in a pot and fry the onion and the leek for a couple of minutes while stirring.

- The order you put the vegetables in the pot does matter: potatoes need longer to cook properly, next to the celeriac and at the end the courgettes.

It is enough to put the potatoes first and let them cook for 5 minutes and after the rest at 5 minutes distance in between each other.

- Cover the vegetables with hot water (or vegetable stock if you want, I try not to use it often because of the high salt level).

- I have two ways of cooking the king prawns and they are equally good in my opinion. I would either toss them in a hot pan without oil, just as they are, or I would peel the skin off first and then add them to the hot pan with a drizzle of olive oil.

I was told by a professional chef that leaving the skin on will prevent the prawn to turn too dry but I actually tried both methods and the result is more or less the same, to be 100% fair.

-When the vegetables are soft enough, season the soup with salt and pepper and then blend it.

-Add some double cream if you like (it will make it more delicate but it is not crucial)

-Place the grilled prawns on top and sprinkle with chopped parsley. Add an extra sprinkle of pepper and serve with a fresh baguette!

I hope you enjoyed it and please let me know if you tried to do it! Feel free to share it on your social media and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletters!

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