Why you should steal your boyfriend's clothes to be stylish this A/W

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Today I will share with you what items I am frequently borrowing from my boyfriend's wardrobe and why. I will also show you some pictures of how I style his clothes and how I mix them with mine to be stylish.

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First of all, my boyfriend's name is Nicolae and why on earth am I always stealing his clothes when I have got my own?

Well, the main reason is that we have the same size and height.

Our body shape though is dramatically different: he is very fit and has broader shoulders and muscled arms, therefore his tops will be perfectly oversized on me without being too big and slouchy, which is super cool as I don't have to buy those items per se.

It is also great because I know exactly his perfect size and fit when gifting him (or me?!) new clothes simply trying them on myself first.

We are a couple made in heaven!

On the other hand, I have fuller hips and a round butt while he has a tiny waist and narrower hips so I can't fit his trousers or jeans BUT I can definitely wear his loungewear as he likes it baggy and comfy.

Plus, the boyfriend jeans style is not my kind of vibe, despite how popular the 501 boyfriend jeans are right now.

It is amazing to be able to share so many things: sometimes I literally shop in the men section thinking he might want to wear that particular item as well.

Being a minimalist, this was also beneficial to downsize my stuff and to declutter the girly items I had and I wasn't wearing to make room for clothes we both would make the most of.

Wearing his clothes gave me a huge hand to find out what my real style is at this point in my life: what I like to wear, what I feel comfortable and confident in.

I realised that I was more drawn to his simple and comfortable clothes rather than the super feminine items I used to own.

I was constantly reaching out for his shirts and jumpers, then I finally understood that I had too many items in my wardrobe that were not representing who I was.

I slowly got rid of them to make room for clothes that we are really enjoying and cherishing and I think this is something that every couple should try to do (if possible in terms of size/taste).

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I absolutely love men's knitwear: the shapes are so neat and clean and the sleeves are long enough for me (I have very long arms!)

When we first moved together, I noticed that he was not wearing his lightweight jumpers very often as he preferred hoodies and sweatshirts. Being an artist, he can actually wear comfy clothes to go to work and he would only wear a jumper to go out with me or for meetings.

That's when I started to borrow them: some of his jumpers were sitting on the wardrobe's shelves for weeks in a row while I was struggling to find something to wear.

Not because I didn't have any jumpers because I owned items that were not reflecting my current taste and needs.

At the time, I was still wearing what I brought with me from Italy when I first moved to London and I didn't update my wardrobe much. I wasn't aware yet that my style had been evolving, affected by London fashion and by my change of environment and lifestyle.

I wasn't feeling myself wearing my girly, colourful Italian clothes anymore: that was another person, another part of me.

When I started wearing his items, I suddenly realised I wanted something warm, practical and with a masculine twist.

Men's knitwear is perfect for that: no big pattern, no-frills, solid colours and neutral shades, basically all I want to be wearing right now.

A good boyfriend style cardigan is a great alternative to a blazer and it looks so cool!

Below an example of his simple navy jumper: one of my absolute favourites.

I have been wearing it endless times and I am never tired of it.

I love it with jeans and boots but also on top of my dresses and skirt.

Here some gender-neutral options that will look perfect on both:


Needless to say, that's the most common thing to share in a relationship.

His sweatshirts will embrace you in the warmest hug while retaining his perfume on, which is something I personally adore. His trousers will be long enough to cover your ankles even when you sit down.

I am rather tall (I am 5.9 - 1.75cm) but I have long arms and long legs and sometimes it is bloody difficult to find loungewear that is long enough for me in the women's department. I am usually forced to size up to a 12 or a 14 but then the trousers will be too loose (I am a perfect 10).

Men's loungewear is the right answer and it looks so effortlessly chic!

Pics from my IG stories:


"Borrowing your boyfriend's shirt is now the ultimate style statement" is the title from a recent Evening Standard's article.

History repeating: my mum used to do the same when I was a child and she looked so sleek in my dad's shirts!

She was stunning wearing them in perfect 90s style with a pullover on her shoulders, high waisted jeans, white Supergas and her brown leather crossbody.

This is exactly how I like to wear them now, all year round.

They are my favourite items to "steal" because men's shirts are so well made!

They are full of simple yet stylish details and I just think they fit much better compared to women shirts (they tend to be too fitted).

I wrote an entire styling post about oxford shirts in the Spring, so if you are interested check it out here.

Find your perfect boyfriend style shirt and you'll see how versatile it is when building your outfits!

Another benefit: how sexy is wearing his shirt with anything else but a pair of heels? Such a cliche but it always works!


Oversized Ts of all colours, prints and shapes are so popular right now that it is actually more convenient to just reach for his drawer rather than buying new ones only for me.

They look so effortlessly stylish tucked in your jeans with your black blazer and you can use them also under slip dresses.

Don't be scared to look frumpy: you'll be perfect if you balance with a tight-fitting bottom.

Bonus: you can show up with a long series of small "gifts" (you know you purchased that specific t-shirt so you can borrow it as many times as you like) but you will surprise him anyway!


They are not as chic and refined as the women's ones but I actually really like their rawness.

I usually wear his rather thick black one with silver hardware: it is perfect for both waist and hips as it has many more holes than my belts.

It really gives my outfits an extra twist of boldness that I love and that adds a more personal touch to all my looks.

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